Free Crochet Pattern – 4 Strand Crochet Necklace

Free 4-strand necklace crochet pattern -

You may remember my post entitled 4 Strand Crochet Necklace where I shared a picture of a necklace that I had finished. This post was made way back in 2011. I said that I would share the pattern for it once I had time. Well finally after a reader made a comment…I found the time. Better late than never!

The original pattern came from the CreativeYarn Blog in her Free Pattern’s Outline for a Crochet Necklace Post. Her pattern used worsted weight yarn and for my necklace I used Size 10 Crochet Cotton. I tweaked her pattern to make it work for the size of the yarn that I was using. Here are the instructions:

4-Strand Crochet Necklace

Size 10 Bedspread Weight Crochet Cotton yarn (I used Metallic Knit-Cro-Sheen Mercerized Cotton Metallic Yarn in Black)
D – 3.25mm hook

Ch 88, sc in second ch from hook and in the next 5 chs.
Ch 85, sc in the 5th ch from the beg of the opposite end and in next 4 chs, ch1, turn.
Sc in first sc and in next 4 sc, ch 90, sc in the 5th sc from the beg of previous row and in the next sc, ch 2 and skip next 2 sc (make buttonhole), sc in last sc, ch1, turn.
Sc in first sc and in next 4 st, ch 95, sc in the 5 scs at the beg of previous row. Fasten off.

Sew a button on the opposite side of the button hole.

The Steady Hand Crochet Patterns by Aprile Mazey •

Please do not share or publish this pattern. Finished items may be sold. I would very much appreciate it if you would credit Aprile Mazey for the pattern design and include a link to All pictures in this PDF are the property of The Steady Hand. Please do not copy or use any of my photos in this document or online. Thanks!

Enjoy and thank you to CreativeYarn for the original necklace pattern!

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