FUMI – Fashion with a Purpose

I read about a new company that has some really great stylish products for women. You can read about it here: Fashion with a Purpose by Define You Photography blog.

FUMI is the name of the company and they make Purse Hangers, Bracelet Pursehooks, Handbags plus more. I love how their items are both fashionable and yet have a purpose. Like their newest item the FUMI Keep Safe Instant Ring Holder. This would have been great when I was pregnant and my wedding band didn’t fit anymore.

I think the concept is very neat and it is such a great way to keep your rings with you when you can’t wear them or need to take them off. So check out the post above to read more about this great company and the other items they offer.

AND here is a great Coupon Code for 15% off: ‘iloveFUMI’

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  • CentslessDeals

    This is so cool!! I want one!!

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    Thanks 🙂


  • Arizona Girls

    I like those! They would come in handy if you need to put on lotion or something and your out at least then you don’t have to worry about setting your ring/s down and forgetting them. Or like when we travel I take my rings off because if my hands were swollen or something!

    Now if they would just make a guy one! Hubby likes to keep his ring close but because of work it really isn’t safe for him to wear it then guys hands swell too =/

    Found you through the Finding new friends blog hop and a new GFC follower! =)

    Arizona Girls
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    • The Steady Hand

      Yes, it is a great product. My husband puts his ring on his keyring with his car keys when he needs to take his ring off. His ring is made of Titanium or Tungsten so it doesn’t scratch that easy but it is the only place he has to put it so he doesn’t loose it.
      Thanks for following! I am following you back via GFC, hearted you on Etsy and liked your FB page. Have a great day!

  • Autism Connects

    Hi from your latest follower. Just calling by from Sunday Blog hops. Be sure to check out me out at http://www.autismconnects.blogspot.com. Sarah

    • The Steady Hand

      Thanks for stopping by Sarah! I am following you back via GFC, Networked Blogs, Twitter and I joined your BlogFrog community. Have a great day!

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