Good News from The I CARE Foundation

Here is some good news from The I CARE Foundation provided to me by Peter Senese:

I wanted to drop you a quick note to share a few wonderful pieces of news about several abducted children that have recently reunited with their families. As you may realize, recovering a child who has been internationally taken is a rare event. So we celebrate our successes while reinforcing our dedication toward the other families we are trying to help. So, over the past two weeks, the following has occurred:

1. A child abducted from Italy who has been missing for almost two and one-half years will be home within the next two weeks with 100% certainty.
2. A child abducted from the U.S. and was being moved via a cruise ship out of the country was reunited with her family.
3. A child trafficketed to the Philippines … we’re close. We’re really very close. Please keep ‘K’ in your prayers.
4.  Three young children in Canada who were targeted for abduction to Saudi Arabia had their abduction prevented.

I CARE Foundation Special Advisor Ann Marquez, formerly a senior litigator with New York State’s Department of Child Protection Services and Peter Senese will be appearing at 9 pm EST on Dream catchers Blog Talk Radio to discuss child abduction and prevention. If you would like to tune in here is the link:

Thank you to Mr. Senese for sharing this information with us and for all the work that he and and the I CARE Foundation have done!

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