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This week sure is long and I am tired. I could take a nap right now on my laptop…wake up with a keyboard imprinted on my face…hehe. Anyway, here I am catching up on my favorite blogs and here are my good reads…

Ask a Blogger: Writing Pitch Letters by The Coupon Challenge – She has a great example pitch letter in this post. I don’t write pitch letters but I if I start to, I will definitely take her advice.

Storyland 2011 by Musings from a Stay At Home Mom – A review of a wonderful kid-friendly amusement park in NH.

Michael Jackson Themed Birthday Party by Tip Junkie – too cool!

Teaching Your Child The Colors – Worksheets and Ideas by School Sparks – Awesome free printable worksheets and tips to teach colors to your child.

Sign to help create Caylee’s Law by Survey Junkie – this post has the link to the site where you can sign a petition to make it a federal offense for a parent or guardian to not notify law enforcement of a child going missing in a timely manner. I signed!

Affordable Family Fun by Gooey Hands & Moms Crafts – this post has a list of 8 restaurants where kids can eat free.

14 Reasons Why Your Giveaways Aren’t Getting Many Entries by Simply Stacie – great list of what not to do for your giveaways on your blog.

Had me laughing so hard by Joy Just Because – I probably wasn’t laughing as hard as the writer of the post was but they are funny.

This by Maple Bacon and Beaver Tails – okay so the music video did get my attention…beware, it is a tad strange – not for the little ones.

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