Got me some great Art!

Last month, I won the Art by Ashley Giveaway from the Take It From Me Blog.

I was so excited as her prints are so great. I picked the Rip Van Winkle Print.

You can check out her other prints on her website. She also does website design.
Ashley Smith Illustration and Design
Art by Ashley Blog
Update: 4/7/2011
I emailed Ashley to let her know that I have not received my print yet. The last time I heard from her on March 25, 2011, she told me she was mailing it out the next day.
Update: 4/12/2011
Did not get a response from the email I sent Ashley on 4/7. Sent her one more email today. This will be my last attempt trying to contact her.
Got an email response from Ashley!!! She was on vacation that is why she didn’t respond to my previous emails! Ugh, now I feel terrible for pestering her. She said she sent out my prize that Friday so sadly it seems it has gotten lost in the mail system. Ashley is so great that she is sending me a replacement out today! Can’t wait!!!
Update: 4/21/2011
 I received my print!
It is so beautiful! I can’t wait to get a frame for it and hang it in Abby’s bedroom. I just love how it looks!
Thank you Ashley so much for dealing with me and sending me a 2nd print when I didn’t receive the first one. You are awesome!


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