Guest Post Thursday: Spring Crafts for Kids

Thank you very much to Ken M. for contributing this weeks Guest Post Thursday Feature!

When spring showers have you and your kids cooped up indoors why not try a few crafts? There are so many great spring crafts perfect for Easter or just celebrating the end of winter and the blooming of the flowers. Here are some fun craft ideas for your kids:

  1. Toilet Paper Roll Flowers – By simply cutting a toilet paper roll into rings and forming the rings into flower petals, your kids are well on their way to a homemade bouquet. Glue the petals together and place a button or round piece of felt in the middle. You can also make a stem out of pipe cleaners and add green felt leaves. Paint the petals for extra pizzazz.
  2. Tissue Paper Cherry Blossom Tree – Have your kids gather a few bare branches. Place the branches in a jar of marbles or sand to keep them steady. Then add tiny puffs of pink tissue paper to various places on the branches to create your own cherry blossoms! A simpler way to do this would be to draw branches on a sheet of construction paper. Then have kids glue on colorful tissue paper for the blossoms.
  3. Felt Bouquet – Another fun flower project, just have kids trace and cut out felt flower shapes. Glue a button in the center and use pipe cleaners for stems to make a long-lasting bouquet.
  4. Felt Vase – You need a fun vase to show off your felt flowers, right? Try saving a tin can and then gluing felt around it in a spring color. Decorate with buttons, ribbons, or glitter for extra fun.
  5. Paper Birds – Decorate for spring with cheery birds. Using leftover scrapbooking paper, or just construction paper, have kids trace out and cut bird shapes. Cut two pieces at a time for each side of the bird. Bend a paper clip into bird feet and then glue to one side of the bird. Glue the other side of the bird on to cover up the extra metal and set up your pretty birdies!
  6. Rocking Birds – Another easy way to decorate with birds is by cutting out simple circles. Using yellow card stock, you can easily make fat little chicks to decorate your home. Trace a large circle on the yellow card stock and cut it out. Fold the circle in half and then let it open a bit so it can stand, and rock, on the open side. Add a triangle of orange paper for a beak and draw on some eyes and wings for a cute collection of feathery friends! You can also glue on leaves or feathers for the wings for added effect. Paper plates make this craft even simpler!
  7. Handprint Chick – Just in time for Easter, a cute little chick! Have kids cut out a large yellow egg shape, about half the size of a regular sheet of construction paper. Glue the egg shape to the center of a blue piece of paper (or other spring color). Then have the kids dip their hands in yellow paint and make a wing on each side of the egg. Draw on eyes, a comb, a beak and some legs to complete the look. Or use orange construction paper to make a little triangular beak that can stick out for extra fun.
  8. Recycled Carton Bird Feeder – An easy way to get your yard ready for the birds to come back is with a recycled carton bird feeder. Take an empty carton, like for orange juice or milk, and have kids cut out a large square big enough for the birds to get inside. Cut a slit to slide in a craft stick for a perch and use a hole punch to create a lace to sting a hanger through at the top. Hang on a limb and fill with seeds to watch the birds come eat.
  9. Bird Seed Ornaments – Another way to feed the birds that is fun for kids is making seed ornaments. You can make the ornaments in any shape. Just have a silicon baking tin ready in the shape you want. Mix together one package of unflavored gelatin with ½ cup boiling water and stir until dissolved. Let it cool a little and then add in 2 cups of wild bird seed and stir. Spoon it into your silicon molds and stick a straw through the center, pressing the seed down tightly. Let it chill in the refrigerator for a few hours or until solid. Then pop out, remove the straw, and push a string through the hole the straw left.  Hang outside for birds to snack on!
  10. Yarn Eggs – For more Easter or spring fun, why not make your own colorful eggs? Using pastel colored yarn, balloons, and some glue you can have piles of eggs in no time. Start by thinning out some Elmer’s glue in a bowl large enough to fit your balloon. Make it thin enough to work with easily, but not too watery! Blow up your balloon to your desired egg size. About 5 inches is usually good. Pull out a bunch of yarn and soak it in the glue mixture. Squeeze excess glue out and then wrap around the balloon. When the balloon is almost covered, roll it in the glue again and gently press out any extra liquid. Set on wax or parchment paper to dry, making sure your eggs don’t touch! When the yarn is dry and hard; pop the balloon and remove it to reveal your pretty eggs!
  11. Paper Caterpillar – Another fun way to celebrate spring is with butterflies and caterpillars. Most kids love the book “Very Hungry Caterpillar” and this is a great activity to do with it. Have the kids cut out circles about three inches in diameter in various colors of paper. Then punch holes through the center of each circle and thread a pipe cleaner through. Add as many circles as you want to create the body of your caterpillar. Draw eyes on the last circle and then bend the pipe cleaner to keep it secure.
  12. Toilet Roll Butterflies – Moving on to the butterflies, this easy craft is fun and decorative. Start out with your toilet paper roll. Cover it in construction paper. Add sticker eyes or draw on eyes. Now, using light-colored construction paper, lay down the roll on the paper and trace out butterfly wings around it. Cut out the wings and decorate them with glitter, stickers, or drawings. Then glue to the roll. Add ribbon, paper, or pipe cleaner antenna to complete your creation!
  13. Coffee Filter Butterflies – Another way to use butterflies in your crafts is to use coffee filters. Spread out a round white coffee filter on wax paper or other surface you don’t mind getting paint on. Have kids use water-color paints to decorate the coffee filter brightly. Let it dry and then scrunch it up in the middle to create wings. Use a pipe cleaner to wrap around the center and then curl upwards to form antenna. Simple and cute!
  14. Butterfly Punch Art – If you want your kids to make a real piece of artwork then you can count on this craft to supply it! Using a butterfly punch, this fun craft is easy and beautiful. First, using thick painting paper, have the kids watercolor the sheet in different, bright colors. They can swirl, mix or keep it simple, but those will be the butterfly colors. Then paint a canvas with a single bright color, like blue or yellow. Have the kids punch out the dry water colored paper with the butterfly punch. Then they should gently bend up the wings so the butterflies look like they are about to take off. Using hot glue, carefully glue it to the dry canvas. The more random the placement, the better it looks. You can also paint on some flowers to the canvas before gluing if desired. A simpler method for younger children would be to use construction paper. The kids could cut out the butterflies with the punch from various colored papers and then glue onto a background colored paper.
  15. Fenced Flowers– While we all know it is fun for kids to finger paint any time, this craft takes the cake! Start out with a white sheet of paper. Cut out a sheet of bubble wrap the same size as the paper. Using masking tape, create a fence across the bottom of the paper. Make sure the masking tape will be able to come off later! Have the kids paint the bubble wrap with blue or whatever they want the background of their art to be. They can even do green grass on the bottom and blue sky on top. Then lay the bubble wrap on the paper and press gently to create a bubble stamp.  Finger paint some flowers and other décor. When the paint dries, gently remove the tape to show off your fenced in flowers!
  16. Accordion Flower Garden – A fun way to help bring spring indoors is with this simple flower garden. Using card stock or thin cardboard, like from a cereal box, cut out a long strip about four or five inches high. Fold it accordion style so that it can stand up on its own. Have the kids glue on various stems for flowers out of different kinds of materials. Construction paper, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, felt, straws, or even yarn make great stems. The more variety the better. Brown and green colors work the best and you can leave the cardboard plain brown! Then kids can create their own flowers to add to the tops and sides of the stems. Water colored flowers cut out of paper, magazine photos, fake flowers from other projects, tissue paper flowers and more are all great ideas. Once the garden is complete, set it up for a colorful display. You can also make a jungle or farm for a background for playing with action figures and other toys!

As you can see, there are tons of fun crafts you and your kids can do for spring. Try a few of these out and see what your kids can create!

Ken Myers is a father of three and passionate about great childcare. He’s always looking for ways to help families find the support they need to live fuller, richer lives. Find out more about expert childcare by checking out @go_nannies on Twitter.

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