Guest Post Thursday – Tree House Tell All’s: Tips to Make Yours the Best on the Block

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Tree House Tell All's Tips to Make Yours the Best on the Block

Who doesn’t love a tree house? Adults like a getaway, even if it’s upward bound, and kids love a club house high in the air. The first thing builders need, is a totally awesome tree. The next thing to decide is if the tree will bear the weight of the tree house. The builder will need a method of support when the tree moves in the wind. Here are tips for building the best tree house in town.


Some tree branches just aren’t low enough. Build the house on stilts, like homes in the flood-prone low country of the South. Go to a Federal Metals Inc facility to find scrap metal pieces from Calgary and use the metal as poles for stilts, lash them to the tree and build your house. If the branches are low enough, lash wood poles to the trees and metal supports as a foundation underneath the platform. Every tree should have a strong root system and a strong trunk to support the height and branches. The poles will be your support system for the actual tree house.


Architectural Digest has a spread of the most awesome tree houses world-wide. Builders often reach the house by circular wrought-iron staircases, while others use rope bridges swinging from platforms built from the ground up. However you build your house, you have to get up to it somehow. Buying scrap metal in addition to using reclaimed wood or rope can create staircases, platforms, and imaginative ladders.


If your trees are too slim, or not very tall, the tree house might overcome the root system. Build the house around the tree on the ground. After all, no one said a tree house had to be aloft. If the tree is slim, build the house around several trees to maintain balance, according to the height and weight of the house. If the house is built a few feet from the ground, cantilever it to the trees.


A Victorian house, the Jetsons’ space-age house, a mirrored disco ball, or a Tarzan sculpted atop the tree house will give passersby a smile, or a dropped jaw. Use cedar shakes amid weathered wood for a country look. Build a tree house with siding like your house. Make it round. Whether traditional or whimsical, style is nine-tenths of a tree house’s personality.

Building a tree house is a great project for the whole family. Besides a nice getaway, tree houses jazz up an otherwise boring yard. Planting flowers and shrubs around the tree adds color. All this adds value to the house in addition to fun.

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