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A while ago I did a post on getting a toddler desk and computer all set up for my daughter. Well we did and I just haven’t found the time to post about it ’til now. Took me that long to get the pics off the camera too!

We bought the desk from Wooden Toddler It is called the Preschool 19″ Computer Desk by Wild Zoo. We also bought the Leg Growth Kit at the same time so that the desk can grow with Abby. When we received it my husband put it together. Only took him about an hour. He says it is very sturdy. All the pieces are solid wood and was worth the investment. This will last us a good while.

It is also available on for a better price:

The computer my husband bought at Walmart at a real good price and he loaded it full of toddler and pre-school software and games.

They Keyboard and Mouse set we got from It is the Mini Keyboard and Mouse for Kids.
1/3 smaller than a regular keyboard and the keys are tiny too. Perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers little fingers.

To help prevent Abby from pressing any function keys or left-clicking we removed those options with a special software. So she can only right-click and use the any of the keys except for the function or specialty keys.

All in all, it turned out great and she loves her computer. Her favorite thing to do on it is go to YouTube and watch music videos. Of course, mommy helps her with that but she loves to watch and sing and dance along!


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