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I was excited when Aprile here at The Steady Hand asked me if I’d like to do a guest post on organizations that accept crochet donations to give to the needy. One of the best things about the crochet community is that it is filled with generous people who often give freely of their work and ideas. There are a lot of great groups out there that accept donations of crocheted goods and make sure that they go to people who can truly benefit from them. And what better time to think about being giving than now when we’re approaching the holiday season?

If that sounds like something you’d like to do, perhaps you should think about giving a handcrafted donation to one of the following 5 groups:

1.Hugs for Homeless Animals Snuggles Project.

Does your heart ache for the many animals that are stuck in shelters around the nation? You can do your part to make their lives a little bit more comfortable by making a handcrafted security blanket to donate to a shelter pet. This project was launched back in 1996 and more than half a million shelter pets have received the comfort of a donated “Snuggle”.

The exact guidelines for donations are available on the site but to give you a basic idea, they are seeking blankets ranging in size from 14” x 14” (for kitties) to 36” x 36” (for large dogs). Blankets can be crocheted, knit, quilted or sewing and made from cotton or acrylic. You can donate to any participating animal shelter which you can find on the site’s “worldwide shelter directory”.

2. Calvin’s Hats.

 Losing a child because they are born premature just might be one of the most awful experiences that someone can go through. Calvin’s Hats is an organization that accepts donations of very tiny hats to comfort grieving parents dealing with this difficult situation. The hats are sized so that they would have fit on the very tiny head of the premie had he or she lived.

Calvin’s Hats accepts both crochet and knit hats. They even offer some yarn support to volunteers who are truly unable to afford the cost of yarn in order to make the donation. There are patterns for the tiny hats on the Calvin’s Hats site and you can connect with this organization through Ravelry.

 3. Compassionate Creations.

 Victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence often feel alone. They feel like they can’t talk to the people in their lives and they often feel like they don’t want to be touched. It can be very comforting to receive a handmade scarf, a gesture of something warm, safe and loving. That’s what Compassionate Creations is all about. The scarf is a gesture of compassion that encourages the sufferer not to be silent or too feel ashamed and lets them know that they are cared for.

Anyone whose life has been affected in any way by domestic violence or sexual abuse is welcome to donate a knit or crochet scarf. (And let’s face it, we’ve all been affected or know someone who has.) Scarves should be at least five inches wide and around 65 inches long and made using the softest possible yarn but there is no specific pattern requirement. As an alternative to the scarf, this organization also accepts lapghan squares; learn more on their site.

 4. Binky Patrol.

Are you concerned about all of the kids out there who are living in traumatic situations and could use a little bit of handcrafted love? Binky Patrol accepts donations of blankets for children age 18 and under who are affected by drug addiction, abuse, chronic illness and other types of trauma. This organization was established more than fourteen years ago and donates blankets to a diverse range of different organizations including battered women’s shelters, social service offices, and hospitals.

Binkies are homemade blankets that can be crocheted, knit, sewn or quilted. They usually range in size from 3’ x 3’ to twin bed size although smaller sizes are sometimes accepted to give to premies and for use inside strollers. There are no pattern restrictions except that the blanket must be washer-dryer friendly, soft and from a smoke-free home.

 5. Project Linus.

This is another great organization for people interested in making a donation to help a child in need. The group was established in 1995 and gives an average of 350 blankets per month to children through their Central Illinois headquarters. They have chapters in all 50 states that provides blankets to ill and traumatized children in hospitals, shelters and other sites for children in need.

Blankets of all sizes are accepted for children age 18 and under. They can be crochet, knit, sewn or quilted but must be washable, free of pins and from a smoke-free home. Different local chapters may have varying blanket needs at any given time so check the website to find information on getting in touch with your local chapter before making your donation.

These are all great groups but they may not be right for you for one reason or another. That’s okay. Check out this list of 25 charities that accept crochet for some additional ideas! And although it’s ideal to make a handcrafted donation, do know that many of these organizations also accept yarn donations and monetary donations to their projects.

This is a guest post by Kathryn of Crochet Concupiscence, a blog about all things crochet from freeform crochet art to people over age 100 who are still crocheting. Keep up with her there and on Twitter.

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