Guest Post: Crafts Are A Fun Way To Personalize Your Dorm Room

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It can be hard to personalize a dorm room because most universities don’t allow their residents to paint the room, change out furniture or put holes in the walls to hang a picture. However, there’s no reason why a dorm room needs to be plain and uninviting. The following craft ideas will help you personalize your dorm room and let your style shine through.

Picture Frames

Picture frames can be a great way to not only personalize a dorm room, but to also display pictures of loved ones. The easiest way to turn a simple picture frame into a D.I.Y. craft is to first spray paint it. After it dries, glue beads, gems or other accents onto the frames. Complete it by putting a special picture in it. The benefits to making a picture frame craft is that it is cheap and easy to make, and you can personalize it anyway that you want to.


Quilts are a great weekend project. Each piece used to make the quilt can have a specific meaning or they can be just a bunch of different patterns or colors that the individual likes. The pieces of the quilt can be sewn together with a sewing machine or sewn together by hand if time permits. Once the quilt is completed it can be draped over a window or even used on the bed. Wherever it is placed, it should be out in the open as if on display for others to see.


Art can be made rather simply. Canvases and paint are cheap even for a college student that is on a limited budget. The canvas can be painted in any design from something simple and elegant or fun and funky. Once they are completed, the artwork can be displayed throughout the dorm room even if they can’t be hung on the wall.

Living in a dorm room doesn’t mean that you have to leave your personality behind. You can make simple crafts to personalize the room. The above crafts are just a few different types that will compliment a dorm room. Just remember that can make any type of craft you like as long as it shows off your personality.

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