Guest Post: Enjoy the Spring Time with Creative Outdoor Activities

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Spring Activities

Now that spring time is officially here it’s time to take out your family planner and pencil in some amazing activities that your entire family will enjoy. The sun is shining or soon will be shining depending on your weather and it’s the perfect time to go outdoors, greet nature, and look forward to a warmer season that offers plenty of fun activities for everyone. There are plenty of activities that will get you outside and walking, from outdoor shopping, doing crafts outside, to taking your dog for a walk. Don’t over complicate your life, but do make time for activities you normally wouldn’t do during the winter time. If you need ideas on how to begin your activity filled spring keep reading because you’re about to given some creative ideas on how to enjoy your spring time to the fullest.

Outdoor Shopping Malls

If you’ve already completed your spring time cleaning your probably ahead of the game since spring time just began a few days ago. If this is the case and you’ve already cleaned out the kid’s closets and are realizing that they grew out of their spring time wear from last season, then that means shopping should be on your to – do – list. Your kids certainly can’t go out to play (or to school) in clothing that’s too small on them! Gather your children up and bring them to an outdoors mall where they can enjoy the sunshine and pick out some practical and cute outfits. If you’re on a budget never fear, because has coupon codes you can use online so you can get yourself a little something as well after you are done taking the kids shopping!

Crafting During a Picnic

If you love to craft there’s no doubt that this is probably the main activity you did during the winter because it was easy to accomplish and have fun with indoors. However, even though spring is here does not mean you have to stop crafting the day away. Simply bring your kids on a crafting picnic, which means take them on a picnic where you’ll eat your lunch and then afterwards paint, crochet, decoupage, or do whatever you’d like to do to make it an artsy affair!

Bike Rides Near Your House

Don’t have time to pack up the bikes into your car and bring them and your kids to a remote location? Who says you have to bike far away! Bike rides that take place near your home are just as memorable to kids because it’s the act of getting out and doing something together as a family is what excites them. Make sure all of the tires on the bikes have enough air in them and also double-check and make sure all of the helmets still fit your growing children. Remember that heads grow from fall to spring time too!

Sierra is a freelance writer who loves spring time weather. Catch up on Sierra’s spring time adventures on her Ocean Dreams blog.

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