Guest Post: Five Great Sources for Free Clothing Templates

For sewing enthusiasts, whether they sew clothing for the pure joy of creating with their own hands, or for more frugal reasons, the internet is an excellent resource for free clothing templates and patterns. Below, we’ve listed five of the most popular sites.



This is a great starting point for the frugal seamstress. This site note only offers its own complete sewing and craft patterns, it also features a list websites that offer free sewing patterns. Craft and Fabric Links also offers a free sewing book, tips on choosing the sewing machine that’s right for you, and free lessons on subjects ranging from ranging from sewing to business.


Since pants are so much more difficult to make than a simple top, free patterns are rare. Craft Stew has compiled thirty four free pants patterns, in a wide range of sizes and styles, for men, women and children.


This site, founded by a crafty mom, is dedicated to free patterns for baby clothes. The site cautions that these patterns are for those of medium skill level, and that the patterns will need to be enlarged; dimensions are provided. Also, recommendations are made for repurposing old, worn clothing, such as tee shirts and sweatshirts, into baby clothes. Not only will you save money with these patterns, you will upcycle your old wardrobe!


Yet another great site for the sewing enthusiast. Not only does Sew City offer free clothing patterns covering everything from dresses to gloves to using animal fleece fabric, they also offer reviews of sewing machines and cabinets, a sewing blog, and a sewing newsletter. You can also subscribe to their You Tube channel for free sewing videos and tutorials.


While you can certainly obtain free sewing patterns at this site, it is more of a sewing resource center. This site offers e-patterns, which are downloadable based on your measurements, as well as a comprehensive list of other pattern sites. This list covers nearly everything imaginable, from outdoor clothing, to apparel appropriate for breastfeeding mothers and children, to patterns for recycling your worn out jeans. Lily Abello also offers tips for customizing patterns to your measurements, videos to teach you how to sew by hand and machine, and an all-important gift guide for sewing enthusiasts.

The above list is just a small representation of the free sewing patterns that can be found on the Internet. An Internet savvy sewing enthusiast need never leave the comfort of her home – or sewing studio – when she gets the urge to sew.

Guest Post by Lauryn W.

I was not compensated in any way for publishing this guest post. Thanks!

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