Guest Post: The Value of Hooking Together the Crochet Community

The crochet community is a wonderful community. Every single time that I’ve had a question about a crochet technique, needed help figuring out a line in a crochet pattern or simply needed some support for my crochet work, the crochet community has been there with a helping hand. I want to do what I can to strengthen and give back to this community and I’m using my blog to do it, primarily through a massive crochet blog project called Hooked Together.

Hooked Together is a personal project hosted on my blog, Crochet Concupiscence. The goal of the project is to research the connections between all of the crocheters who are blogging online. This includes people who blog about their own personal crochet projects as well as those who blog about general crochet topics. I want to create a directory of these blogs, explore who is linking to whom and then report back on that to strengthen and grow this crochet community.

So, here’s how Hooked Together works:

  • First, I compiled a full list of all of the crochet blogs that I was already reading at the start of the project. These are called my Tier One blogs. There’s 270 of them!
  • Next, I started going alphabetically through those blogs, one by one. I visit each blog, taking a look at who they link to in the sidebar or “blogs I like” section of the blog.
  • I actually do visit each blog on that blog’s blogroll. I make sure it’s still an active blog (because we’re all guilty of not removing old links now and then!) I check if the blog I’m visiting is a crochet blog, a multi-craftual blog including crochet or a non-crochet blog.
  • If I find a crochet-relevant blog that I like, I add it to my blog reader as a Tier Two blog, just to keep things nice and organized for myself. Yes, I am still finding more crochet blogs that I didn’t already know about!
  • On Fridays, I report back on my blog about what I found. I explain a little about the blog that I featured. Then I share what blogs they link to, organized in a format that is designed to make it easy for you to find blogs you like.

I will continue doing this until I’ve gone through all of my Tier One blogs. At that point, I want to put together some type of visual representation that shows what crochet blogs are being read most by the other crochet bloggers in this great community. In between now and then, I’m hoping that each Friday will give my readers a chance to find a few more crochet blogs that they like and to support them with a visit!

I am proud of our crochet community. I’m proud of the information that is shared online about our great craft. I am proud of the support that we give one another by sharing and commenting on the work that we’re doing. And I want Hooked Together to help strengthen that.

This is a guest post by Kathryn who blogs about all things crochet at Crochet Concupiscence. She is active on Twitter and can also be found on Ravelry, both under the name CrochetBlogger.

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