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A unique and handmade gift to someone special could instill more of an emotional response than any store-bought product. If you can manage to tailor the design for the specific person, then that can be all the better. By putting your hooks to work, you could add more of a personal touch to the experience of Valentine’s Day instead of what retail stores suggest what you should buy. What are some ideas that can help you set the mood for Valentine’s Day?

1. Mini Hearts – Instead of sprinkling rose pedals around the room to inspire romantic thoughts, why not crochet miniature red hearts to spread around? If you keep them in good condition, you won’t have to worry about future rose pedals either.

2. Heart-shaped Box – Using small wooden dowels, you can create a heart-shaped box that could withstand the test of time. For an added flare for gift giving, fill the box half-way with rose pedals and include a gift in the center.

3. Themed Colored Wreath – Christmas isn’t the only holiday that can benefit from a colorful wreath. Using yarn, you can create small flowers and a circle of red and pink colored patterns. Add a few crocheted hearts to the wreath to add more of an obvious tone to the craft.

4. Heart Dream Catcher – Traditionally, dream catchers are developed round. However, there is nothing to say you can’t make a decorated version using a heart shape with the same intricate designs in the middle.

5. A Loving Throw Pillow – Throw pillows are the most misunderstood, but well used, items. Crochet a heart pattern in a small throw pillow for the couch and add a festive feel to the room.

6. Dining Place Mats – Why not incorporate the spirit of Valentine’s Day within the place mats on your table for that romantic dinner for two? Display the traditional heart shape or include a sensual saying in contrast lettering for a more unique experience.

7. Crocheted Roses – If you’re feeling ambitious, you could decorate your table with crocheted roses in order to enhance the mood. Like the rose pedal replacement above, these could be used each year.

8. Bath Slippers – A Valentine’s Day themed set of bath slippers could help enhance the mood. These soft articles of clothing are great for lounging around or cuddling on the couch.

9. Elbow-high Fingerless Gloves – Add a bit of a romantic and elegant look to a red and pink colored set of fingerless gloves to complete your outfit. By designing the length to reach just below your elbow, you can embrace some of the class and sophistication of similar designs created in leather.

10. Valentine-themed Afghan – There is nothing wrong with emphasizing the romantic spirit in a traditional afghan. Integrating hearts and using the proper colors, you can make the perfect cuddling blanket for your couch to watch a movie.

As long as you have an imagination, nearly anything can be created using yarn. While it may be common to design intricate patterns in an afghan or sweater, so much more can be accomplished. Since each person has their own flare for development, each creation can be as unique as the individual creating the item. What kinds of things are you looking forward to crocheting for Valentine’s Day?

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