Guest Post Thursday: 5 Great Eco-friendly Crafts to Do with Your Children

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Whether it is the snow, rain or other weather that is preventing your children from exploring the outdoors, there are plenty of ways you can keep them occupied while inside. Without spending a great deal of money, you and the children can find all kinds of fun crafts from random items around the home. While some items in the trash may be too nasty to use, other items can be turned into projects that can be fun for everyone.

Multicolored Candle – Using broken bits of crayons, a jar and a candle wick that you can buy from most craft stores, you and the children can develop unique candles that proclaim a swirl of color. Holding onto the wick in the center, carefully drop the crayon bits into the jar in any fashion you’d like. Once the jar is full of these bits, place it in the sunny window sill or under a warm light in order to melt the wax. The end result is a multicolored candle that is one of a kind. Just remember to remove the paper from the crayons first!

Miniature Greenhouse – Buying a rotisserie chicken from the local store can provide you with a tasty and healthy lunch. It can also provide you and the children with a method to create a miniature greenhouse. Once the container has been cleaned, your children can use it as a greenhouse in order to grow virtually any plant they want.

Toilet Paper Rolls – Toilet paper rolls can be used as anything from a pirate’s telescope to making a family of little decorated bunnies. Using a pair of scissors, crayons and an imagination, you and the children can create a great deal out of these cardboard tubes. If you have a hamster or other small rodent pet, you can create an elaborate tube structure that the animal will love to explore and hide in. Perhaps you have a small ball and a hallway perfect for “paper roll bowling.”

Milk Carton Bird Feeder – With a cleaned out milk carton, a couple of popsicle sticks, decorative paper or crayons and birdseed, you and the children can put together a bird feeder to place outside the window. Cut out an area of the carton that is large enough for a bird to fit into. Then, cut a small slice to insert the popsicle stick just below the entry hole you just made. Using tape or glue, permanently attach the popsicle stick to the carton. At this point, you can attach twine to hang the feeder or place it on a post or wooden railing.

Robot People Cans – Food cans such as those that once held beans and corn can be re-purposed to create little robot people using various other scrap electronics or wiring around the house. Using crayons or paint to decorate the cans, you can glue or attach various pieces to create a whole new life form.

You don’t have to spend money on an expensive art set in order to spend some time with your children. Look around your home, there are many things that can be upcycled to create a work of art or a useful product. It just takes a bit of imagination from yourself and the children. What kinds of things can you make from random items in your home?

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