Guest Post Thursday – Face Magnets in the Workplace

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Today’s Guest Post is from Maggie! She will be sharing with us an easy and affordable craft that can be used at home or at work.

Face Magnets in the Workplace

I’ve decided to bring arts and crafts to the work place, and I’m pretty excited about it.


My team at work recently took over a “Post-it project management system,” where we write our daily and weekly tasks on Post-Its, then arrange them by importance. It’s really to visualize what we’re working on. Our colleagues also know what we’re working on, and it’s a colorful addition to the office. We attach these notes to a magnetic whiteboard, so I’ve been given the task of creating some photo magnets to use to show who is working on what project, and if it needs any outside collaboration.

magnets in the workplace


First, I had to gather my materials. You can get all of these at your local craft shop, and they’re pretty inexpensive. You’ll need a color printer and paper to print your photos on, unless you’re using actual photos, magnets (I found magnetic buttons, precut with adhesive, perfect!), glass vase filler beads with one flat surface, and clear glue.

I’m printing all my faces from the computer, and found that the best size around 50 x 50 pixels. I printed my faces, and then cut them out to fit the magnets. Since the magnets had their own adhesive, I just stuck the paper straight to the magnet.


Next, I placed a small drop of the clear glue on the flat surface of the glass bead, and then pressed it down onto the photo. That’s it, you’re finished!! Set your new magnets aside and let them dry, I left mine overnight, and they were ready to use the next morning.

Author Bio:

When she’s crafting through her work day at Reading Glasses Shopper, Maggie enjoys staying current on fashion trends (her current fave: a great summer scarf), decorating her new apartment, and scheming to save the orangutans.

Thanks Maggie! Awesome post…This would be a great idea for a chore list at home for the kiddos or even if you have children with set activities it would be great to use on a calendar to keep everything straight.

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