Happy Birthday To Me!

Yes, today is my birthday. I turn a whopping 26. I know…still young. Body feels old though. Woke up this morning with some serious neck and back aches. I don’t quite remember being sore in the morning when I was younger…LOL

I have a great friend flying in today from Las Vegas to stay the weekend with me and celebrate my birthday and Easter with us. She has never been to Texas so I will be taking her around to a couple places to show her the sights. I am planning on taking her to the Fort Worth Stockyards since she is pure country I know she will get a kick out of that. Thinking of hitting Billy Bob’s Honky Tonk too. They have live Bull Riding, oh fun! (being sarcastic there)

Well I just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend and a Happy Easter before I get going here. I will try to pop in during the weekend when I have time. I do have a Guest Post and a Featured Blog lined up for today and tomorrow. I really hope you check them out. I have been following both women for some time now and they have some really great sites.

Thank you!


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