Honey – Cure for your Allergies?

I have horrible allergies! I didn’t know that moving to Texas would put me right in the middle of an allergen bowl. The Pollen Levels here are extreme! If you don’t have allergies and move to TX, you more and likely will get them. If you have allergies and live in TX, you better find a cure!

I am not a fan of going to doctors but for my allergies I must, or else I can’t function past the watery eyes, runny nose, constant sneezing and sinus headaches. My husband is a great researcher and he always tries to find ways to help me out. So when my allergies act up, he goes on the hunt. This past week he dug up some articles on how eating local honey may help your allergies. You can view the articles here:

How Honey Could Cure Your Allergies

Eating Local Honey Cures Allergies

Only local honey will work since your allergies are based on where you live. The less processed the honey is the better. The bees jump from plant to plant and get covered in pollen spores which then ends up in the honey that they make. Some people believe eating the honey daily works just like immunotherapy. The more you take it the more your body becomes immune to the pollen. Therefore, no more allergies.

The articles above pretty much state there is no proof that this works. So what, I gave it a try. I have been eating some local honey from Weatherford, TX with my morning greek yogurt for the last couple weeks. Results…sadly none.

So what do you think? Is this something you have tried? Did it work for you?


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  • Mrs. Zwieg

    Yes, the honey thing has worked for us in Minnesota…however, now we just moved to TX so we need to give the honey down here a try. We also tried parsley (salads, sandwhich greens, etc) in large amounts as it also is a natural anit-histimine (sp?). We prefer the natural methods to anything over the counter.

    • The Steady Hand

      How long did you use the honey before you started seeing results and how much were you taking a day? Maybe I wasn’t doing it correctly. I would prefer natural methods but I just haven’t found one that works for me yet. I didn’t know that about the greens being a natural anti-histamine. I will have to look into that. Thanks!

  • It's About Time Mamaw

    My brohter inlaw and his family swear by local honey. You could check with you local agricutural extension office to find local honey. I keep saying I am going to find some local honey and never do it. My allergies are so bad even staying in the house doesn’t help. I am a native Texan.

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    • The Steady Hand

      I am following you back via GFC. Thanks for the info…didn’t know that there was someone I could call to find local honey. That will make it so much easier. Have a great day!

  • Jessica @FoundtheMarbles

    We haven’t used local honey for allergies, though we have friends who swear by it. We HAVE used it, successfully, for treating my son’s asthma. You can use it, not just by swallowing it but by breathing it in as well.

  • Mrs. Zwieg

    Ummm…we usually will add about a tablespoon to tea with lemon. Just a thought…perhaps the yogurt (dairy) is hindering the honey ability as an anit-histimine. With vocal training, we were always taught to stay away from dairy as it increases mucus production and would hamper the vocal chord abilities. Maybe the yogurt is being counter productive. Just a thought as mucus is what is filling up the sinus glands. I apologize if that just grossed anyone out. 🙁

    • The Steady Hand

      You know you are probably right! I have chronic sinusitis and the only dairy I really intake is yogurt. I will try the honey with tea. Thanks so much!

  • Parentwin

    I had no idea about the honey thing, not having allergies, myself. I wonder how many of my readers know…I hope you don’t mind me sharing this…it could save some people a lot of stuffy grief!

    • The Steady Hand

      Feel free to share it with your readers! Some of the comments here have some great information also…stuff I never knew. Thanks!

  • Prew Chatterly

    All i know about honey is that they they are good for kids especially for their appetite. Thanks for the info ^^.I like your site.

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  • Samantha

    Do you know what type of local honey you were using? From what I understand, local wildflower honey works best, but most honey is clover honey. Might be worth checking into and giving it another run?

    • The Steady Hand

      Samantha – I am not quite sure. I know that we bought it at a local Farmer’s Market. There wasn’t much to choose from as they only sold 2 types and we bought both. I will check the bottles and see. If they are clover honey then I will try to find some local wildflower honey. Thanks for that tip!

  • Kristy

    My family and I just moved to Texas and I got some local honey right away because I had heard the same thing about Texas and allergies! I am learning a lot reading through all your comments, too. I don’t know if I got wildflower local honey but I do know another place to get the wildflower local honey, yay! Thanks for this post.

    • The Steady Hand

      Okay, please share where to get the wildflower local honey please! I am glad the post and comments helped you out. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Kristy

    I went to the Austin Whole Foods store looking for local honey to buy my grandfather for a gift basket. They had some at a very reasonable price that said “Wildflower Honey” on it. I may have to go back and get some more. That was Austin-local, but Whole Foods would be a good place to look, I think.

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