How I Moved from Blogger to WP on my own domain

I had a couple people ask me about my transition process from Blogger to WordPress onto my own domain. So I have outlined the process here. If you have any questions or need me to go more in-depth into anything, leave me a comment here or shoot me an email.

Getting my own hosting service and domain

I received a free year of hosting from GoDaddy from Blogelina for signing up for her Affiliate program. She saved me $83.88. That price is yearly so once my free year is up that will be coming out of my pocket. She set up my account for me with GoDaddy. Once she sent me my log-in information, I went in and changed my passwords. I bought my domain from GoDaddy. I paid $38.35 for 5 years. I set up the Web Hosting account and had to wait a couple hours for that to complete. I then setup my domain and specified where it would be hosted. It took about a day for that to go through. Then I had to install WordPress on my domain. It was very simple, I selected WordPress from a list of apps, clicked Install, filled out some simple information and done. It took another couple hours for WordPress to be installed. The total process took about 3 days. GoDaddy emails you after each process is complete.

Here are some articles that helped me:

Installing WordPress on Your Hosting Account

GoDaddy’s Getting Started Guide: Shared Hosting – Your First Website Online (pdf)

GoDaddy’s Getting Started Guide: WordPress – Blog and Content Management for the rest of us (pdf)

Moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress

I hired Blogelina to transfer my blog from Blogger to WordPress for me. I bought the basic transfer package since I already had my host set up, it cost me $65. After I purchased the transfer package, she emailed me a form that I filled out. It asked for all the information she needed to get into my Blogger blog, WordPress and GoDaddy domain and host. She was able to transfer over all my comments that were made within blogger. My Intense Debate comments they had an issue with and were not able to transport over. All my blog posts that were published, scheduled and even my drafts were all moved over. My pages were moved too.

My only issue with the switch was that I was not able to keep my beautiful blog design from Crafty Hippo Designs. I asked them if they could match my layout on blogger the best they could. They were able to use the same header and part of the background. Everything else as far as design I had to re-create myself. So my sidebar I had to completely redo.

Here are some helpful links

The New Ultimate Guide to Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

Moving from Blogger to WordPress: Best Practices to

I will do another post on designing my WP blog and what theme, widgets and plugins I am using…so stay tuned for that.

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