How to add your Etsy shop to your Facebook page

With the new timeline being implemented on all Facebook profile’s and pages all sorts of changes are coming about. Once that I recently noticed is that the Etsy app that I was using to showcase my items on my page is no longer working on the new timeline format. I had to look for other Etsy shop apps that would work with the new look of the pages and found a couple of apps that I thought I would share with you. These are the only 2 that I know of so if you know of more please let me know in the comments.

The first one that I found is called Etsy Theme Shop. It is very easy to set up. Once you add it to your page, enter your Etsy username in the box and it will bring in all your items that are currently listed for sale. Here is a picture of the admin screen in Etsy Theme Shop:

One feature that I like with this app is that you can select a promotion to offer your Facebook fans if they make a purchase through Etsy Theme Shop. When they click on an item with the intent to purchase it a box will pop up asking if they would like the discount (which you can set to whatever you want; a percentage off or Free Shipping). Once they share your shop on their Facebook page, they will be given the discount code to use when they checkout on Etsy. All purchases are still made through Etsy. Here is what my shop looked like with Etsy Theme Shop:

Of course, you change the theme (which is the background) to whichever one you like.

The next app that I want to share with you (and the one I am currently using) is Etsy Showcase. I don’t have any pictures of how to setup Etsy Showcase but it is the same as Etsy Theme Shop. Enter your Etsy username and it will bring in your items as well as your About, Policies and Feedback. The reason why I prefer Etsy Showcase to Etsy Theme Shop is that it is very simple and I like that you can select what pages to show like your Policies or Feedback. In the admin panel you can select what pages to show and select how many rows and columns that you would like to feature. You cannot change the theme or background. To see an example of Etsy Showcase you can visit my Facebook page, The Steady Hand.

Let me know what you think of these Etsy apps. If you are using a different app, please let me know!

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