How to Create a Facebook Welcome Page!!!

So I have my Facebook page for The Steady Hand. I always check out other facebook pages for other WAHMs and other craft sites. I love how they have these great Welcome pages that you are directed to when you go their page. I wanted one so I started searching!

I found this website that solved my problem:

It talked about a website where you can create a custom Facebook Welcome Page super easy and it is FREE!!!

It is called Pagemodo. I am using it right now and it is so easy and I am just so excited to have found it that I wanted to share. Check out my Facebook page to see my completed Welcome Page!!!

The Steady Hand on Facebook

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  • Sandra's Fiberworks

    Thanks for sharing that — the FB Page is so confusing, how the "likes' work, as they've changed things…anyway, like your blog here. I too am a creative stay-at-home mom, and blog about all those things, being a mom, finding time for my weaving etc.

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