How To Get More Reviews In Your Etsy Shop!

You finally made some sales in your Etsy shop! But wait…no one is leaving you any reviews. Having a 5-star rating is a great way to bring in new customers. Scroll down for some tips on how to get more of your customers to leave you a great review.


If you thought making some sales were hard try getting some reviews!

See the 5 stars under my shop’s location in the picture below? Those are my reviews. I have 102 reviews and 604 sales. There is a huge difference there, right? Less than 20% of my customers left me a review. I am trying to fix that and I thought I could help out other Etsy Sellers in the process.


In the picture above see the word “Reviews” in the gray shaded area? If you or your customers click on that they will be brought to your Reviews section which will look like the picture below. This section shows your Average item review at the top, total number of reviews and each review.

I am very thankful that my Average item review is 5 stars. That means that folks really like my stuff!


The whole point of this post is to get more reviews. Better yet, more 5-star reviews. Having a lot of 5-star reviews shows new customers that your shop is awesome. Happy customers = new customers. So here we go:

1. Have a great product.
This is kind of a given and not something that anybody can really help you with. Make sure that your product is top-notch. Always double-check your product before you mail it out.

2. Great customer service.
Make your customer feel special by including a handwritten thank you note in their package and maybe even a piece of candy. If you sell digital items send your customer a message 1-2 weeks after their purchase to make sure that they haven’t had any issues and to see if they have any questions.

3. Ask buyers to leave reviews in your Message to Buyers.
You can customize this section to say whatever you want. This message is included on receipt pages and in the email buyers receive when they purchase from your shop.  This section is found in Shop Settings > Info & Appearance.


Scroll down. It is near the bottom.


As you can see in both of my messages the first thing I do is thank them for their order then I immediately ask them to leave me a review.

4. Check on your customers.
I like to send my customers a message about 3-4 weeks after their purchase. I ask them if they have any problems, if they are happy with my product and if they have any questions. At the bottom of the note I casually mention that if they are happy with my product I would really appreciate their review. Then (this is KEY) I tell them how to leave a review.

At the top of the screen click on YOU (on the left side of the CART).
A drop down will appear. Click on Purchases and reviews.
This page shows all your past purchases.
Under the name of each item you can select a star rating.
Once you select a star rating a pop up will appear where you can write a review of your purchase.
When you are done click on the blue button that says Post Your Review.

Pictures are helpful too…


What NOT to do!
Do not hound your customers by sending them private messages asking for reviews. I will send out 1-2 messages but never more than 2. The last thing you want is for someone to give you a 1-star review because you irritated them.

Most of my customers are first time buyers to Etsy. I can tell because when I go to their profile page none of their information is filled out, they don’t have a profile picture and they don’t have a lot of favorites. Most buyers don’t even know that they can leave reviews on the purchases they make on Etsy. It is your job as a seller to let them know about the review process so that if they want they can tell the world how awesome your stuff is.

I noticed that more customers left me a review after I messaged them with the instructions on how to leave a review. Please feel free to share your tips on how to get more reviews in the comments. I hope my tips help you out!

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