How to join a blog hop

I know that for most of you this post isn’t anything new. When I first started blogging, this was a question on my mind and I am sure there are others out there that this is something pretty new. I just wanted to help out all the newbies out there.

You can see all the blog hops I join on my Blog Hops page. To join any of those blog hops just follow these simple instructions:

1. Click on the blog hop button that you want to join. This will take you to the blog of the Host of that specific Blog Hop.

2. Find the post containing the blog hop info, you may need to scroll down a bit and it will usually be titled the name of the blog hop.

3. Once you find it, click on the title of the post to be sure you are viewing the whole post. You will see the blog hop button (usually with html so you can add it to your blog as well) and a long list of blogs. At the bottom of the list there will be a Linky.
It could be in the form of a button that you click that will take out to another site where you add your link, email, name of blog or possibly button for your blog. There may also just be the form right there for you to fill out (to see an example click on my Ongoing Giveaway Linky and scroll down to the bottom of the list).

So there, hopefully I explained that well. If I didn’t and you have some questions or encounter a problem, please leave a comment to this post and I will try to answer it the best I can. Be sure to sign up for email notifications on responses to this post so you will see my answers. Thank you!

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