I Hate Driving!

To all those selfish drivers out there who are in a race to get to your destination. 

I hate it when:

-you think it is okay to cut me off and slam on your breaks.

-there are signs clearly stating the lane you are in is ending, yet you stay in it until the last minute and cut me off.

-you jump into a lane that is ending so that you can get ahead of all the people who are sitting there patiently. 

-you love to ride so close to the back of someone’s vehicle. 

-you don’t look when you change lanes…especially you in your high profile vehicles (big trucks and SUVs).

-you won’t let me in when I have my turn signal on.

-you don’t pay attention to the other vehicles on the road.

-you think your life is more important than everyone else.

-you have no regard for the safety of others.

Go ahead and finish the sentence…would love to hear what you hate.


I'd love to hear what you think!

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