I will be testing my daughter’s drinks from now on!

After reading this news article: Toddler Mistakenly Given Alcohol at Applebee’sI am now going to be testing my daughter’s drink whenever we go out to eat.

This happened in an Applebee’s in Madison Heights, MI. I just can’t even imagine how the parents are feeling right now. The article states that the parents ordered their 15-month old an Apple Juice. But instead of Apple Juice it was Alcoholic Margarita Mix!!!

Doctors told Dominic’s mother he could have died if he drank the entire cup.”
“The manager came up to me and he smelled it and he was like, ‘I am so sorry ma’am, I just don’t know what to do,’” said Dill-Reese.”
I just don’t even know how this was possible. All kids drinks are usually brought in a small disposable cup with a lid and straw. Why would you even put margarita mix in a cup like that? 
This could have happened to anyone practically at almost any restaurant. I know that most of the restaurants we take our daughter have a full bar, ex. Logan’s, Chili’s, Applebee’s, etc.

I have made up my mind that I will now be testing my daughter’s drinks at every restaurant we go to. It never even occurred to me to ever do this but now I will be sure that whatever my daughter is drinking is exactly what I ordered. 
So what are your thoughts on this? Do you think it was just an accident or was this something that could be prevented?

I'd love to hear what you think!

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