I won some Kool Kid Legs

I entered a giveaway on the CoolKids blog. The giveaway I entered was for a pair of Kool Kid Legs from Mama Runs with Scissors.
I have shared their links at the bottom of this post so you can check them out if you want.

I must say that Mama Runs with Scissors runs a very efficient ship. Once I won, she had me pick out the pair I wanted and sent it out immediately, I received them yesterday. I was very excited! I have never tried this type of product on my daughter before so wasn’t sure how they were going to look or if she would even wear them. But check this out:

Okay, I know too many pics right? But you gotta know I love these suckers…Abby was real comfortable in them as you can see and she didn’t mind wearing them at all. I think they are so cute and I will definitely be getting more!

You can visit the CoolKids blog here: .
Mama Runs with Scissors Facebook Page

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  • Emily

    THOSE are adorable!!!! HOW CUTE!! It makes me wish my kids were little again so I could nab all the cute stuff for them!! I'm glad your daughter likes them!!

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