January 18, 2011

So I am blogging a day behind, I really need to catch up. My daughter managed to break my glasses yesterday morning so now I am relying on my contacts during the day and ugh, I hate it! I can use my glasses still it is just one of the arms on it is hanging on by a thread. I don’t want to know how much it will cost to fix so maybe I can get some tiny pieces of duct tape and try and fix it myself.
Yesterday, we didn’t have much going on, just ran a few errands and ate lunch at Logan’s Roadhouse off of Quebec Street. The service there is always hit or miss. It is either great and we get our food fast or horrible and it takes forever to get our food. This time it took a while to get our food. Our daughter ate 3 rolls before our food got to the table and she didn’t end up eating any of her popcorn shrimp.

Today started off horribly and just went downhill from there. Woke up with a migraine and a bad mood. As the day went on my bad mood just rubbed off on my husband and daughter. Took Abby to Preschool Story-time at the Northwest Fort Worth Branch Library and she started acting up 30 minutes after we arrived so ended up leaving early. She didn’t end up falling asleep for her nap until 2:00 and then woke up around 3:45. Hopefully, this means she will go to bed late and wake up even later! I won’t hold my breath on that.

I crocheted a scarf for a friend’s son with some leftover Lion Brand Suede I had lying around. I used the colors Coffee and Sage.

So I gave that to her today at Preschool Story-time. She wrote me a wall post on FB telling me much her son loved it and won’t take it off! 🙂

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