January 19 continued….

So this morning I took the time to fix my glasses that my daughter broke. Luckily I was able to unbend the arm and reattach the screw without breaking it any more. I received a call from a lady that saw me at a craft fair a couple months back. Her sewing machine broke and she needed 3 blankets sewn up before a Baby Shower she was attending on Saturday. I got those all done today and feel very good about it to. I managed to get more done today than I think any other day this month. But boy am I tired now. My back is killing me from sitting in front of the sewing machine for too long.

Tomorrow is looking pretty empty just need to drop those blankets off the lady. Then I can get back to crochet. I was digging through my crochet books and found some really cute newborn hats that I want to try out. I have all this yarn that I really need to use up so I can buy more!!! Have a good night everyone!

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