January 22 continued…

Finally got Abby’s bed all together. Had to go by Anna’s Linens and Bed Bath one more time to buy a couple more pillows but it is all done:

I love the colors on this comforter set!!! Not too loud but yet so cute! Abby loves it too. She is asleep in it right now and I can hear her coughing every 5-10 minutes…poor thing. I hate to hear her like this. Of course, the humidifier is going, medicine was given so I am hoping she will sound a little better tomorrow.
She looks so tiny in her new bed but she also has all the room she needs to move around. We aren’t really worried about her falling off the bed as she can get in and out of it great and she hasn’t had a problem getting in and out of our bed for the last 6 months. It is hard to see her in her toddler bed with her legs hanging out. 🙂
Anyway, off to bed and hopefully to get some sleep…so hard to come by these days!

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