January 22, 2011

Things have been so busy. I am losing track of time here. Yesterday I spent the morning with my Northwest Fort Worth Mom’s Meetup Group. We took the tots to Pump It Up on Beach Street and spent a whole hour there letting the kids go nuts, which they did. We then went to IHOP down the street for a nice lunch. Luckily, Abby did not fall asleep on the way home so she was able to take a nice nap. Problem is…she now has a cold. Coughing and sneezing time. I plastered her with Vick’s vapor rub as that has always really helped when she gets sick. Now time just needs to work it’s magic.

Onto a different topic – so my husband thought her toddler bed was too small for our daughter. Well yeah, she rolls around a lot and ends up sleeping sideways so what 2 year old doesn’t? Well, she has always had a convertible crib so we have the option of turning it into a Full bed. And yes, we did… Our 2 year old daughter is now sleeping in a Full bed. Not that much smaller than our Queen. Surprisingly enough, she has done well in it. She has only taken a nap in it so far but she loves it. She can stretch her little arms and legs out and not hit a thing. We bought her a comforter set for it today which happened to take us all morning since we couldn’t find one we liked. After going to Anna’s Linens we found a really nice set at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I’ll post pictures once I charge my camera. It is dead from using it at the play date yesterday.

I have been doing a lot of house-cleaning and stay-at-home mom stuff lately but crocheting is always there in my thoughts and my hands are itching to get back to it. Have a good weekend!

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