January 23

Well, today was pretty much uneventful…the way I like it. Abby is still sick, coughing with runny nose. We headed over to Hurst this morning to get her some rails for her new bed at Babies R’Us. After that we had some time before lunch so we headed to the mall. The mall doesn’t open until noon on Sunday’s be we found out that the doors to the mall themselves open at around 8 AM. Wow…well that is good to know. Abby was able to run around the mall without the crowds and without us worrying about her grabbing anything. It was great. I will probably go to the mall before it opens with her on a regular basis. I need to check and see if Ridgemar mall does the same thing, I really hope so.

I have spent a lot of time online meeting new friends and fellow WAHMs doing the whole blogger, twitter, facebook page stuff. This whole world is really new to me and figuring it all out took a lot of time and help from my husband. But I have made some new friends, got some followers and have received some tweets if only I could get some orders…lol

But as much as I love to surf the net, I think it is time for me to get back to what I really want to do…crochet. After perusing through all my crochet pattern books, I came across “Special Delivery” by the American School of Needlework. It is a 17 page pamphlet that has 7 newborn patterns in it. I think I bought it at a garage sale back in MI. Anyway, I haven’t tried any of the patterns in it since most use Baby Weight Yarn and I am not a fan since they require such small needles. But I wanted a challenge so I am giving the first pattern (Baby Blue Stripes) a try. It is a pair of socks and a little hat. I have started on a sock first and will probably do the hat then the 2nd sock just to break it up a little. I am halfway done with the first sock right now and yeah I remember why I do not like Sport Weight yarn….so small!!!! But I do have to admit that the stitches look awesome and since the socks are for a newborn it looks so much better than using a bulkier yarn. I will post pictures soon!
Have a great week everyone!

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