January 24

I am going to start calling my daughter “whiny sniffles” as that is all I have heard today. We did get her some prescription meds called in by the doc which we just gave her tonight before she went to bed. I hope that does the trick. I know that she doesn’t like being sick and we don’t like her when she is…lol

But I did have some time while she was napping to finish up the newborn sock I started a couple of days ago.

One sock down! Hat and one more sock to go. I have started on the hat and hopefully I can get that done in the next couple days, time permitting.

In my crochet stash I have a Afghan crochet hook which I have never used. So I was searching the net on how it is used and for some easy crochet patterns to try it out with. I came across AllFreeCrochet.com which has a ton of stuff. They even have some E-books which I have already downloaded. I have not tried any of their patterns yet as I am obviously working on the sock and hat set but just wanted to share the link.
If any of you know of some nice and easy crochet patterns that use the afghan hook, post the links to them in the comments so I can check them out. Thank you and have a good night!

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