January 25

I am still working on that newborn hat to the hat and sock set that I posted about earlier. I will post a picture once I get closer to being done.

Not much else going on here…Abby is doing a little better. I hope she is well enough this Saturday as we have a birthday party to go to at the Fort Worth Zoo and I am sure she is going to love that as they are going to bring out animals for the kids to pet. We also get free admission into the zoo after the party but I don’t want to over do it. It is not freezing here but with her getting over a cold she doesn’t need to be outside. I can’t wait until it gets warmer though as I think a trip to the zoo would be great. The last time we took her to the zoo I don’t think she quite understood it yet and plus she was in her stroller so couldn’t really see much.

I hope I can get that hat and sock set done by the end of this week as I have so many patterns in mind to do next!

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