January 26

So I found out that I won a pair of Cool Kid Legs from Mama Runs With Scissors. I entered a giveaway for them on Coolkids page on Facebook. I am very excited and can’t wait to get them.
I was able to finish the newborn hat I was working on last night. Now I just have one more sock to go and the whole set is complete!

Can’t wait to finish this project and start on another but my new patterns will have to wait. I am going to be making one of my pigtail hats for Diapeze to review. She will review and promote my item and business on her FB page. I am very excited as I really need the exposure. I need to start making some profit!!! So that is going to be my next project.
I can’t really stop in the middle of what I am working on to do it as that is not the way I work. If I do that I may never finish the sock and hat set.
Me and Abby have been missing out on a lot of our Mommie Playdates. I am sure she misses all her friends but she needs to get better first. So since we have been stuck at home we have been doing some crafts:

So this is her wearing her new foam crown!!! Yes the hair is a mess but that is the way it is supposed to look like when you are sick, right? Now the crown is missing all the pretty purple stickers as she decided they looked better on her outfit.

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