Kids Fight For Paddling?

While reading the June 6th issue of People magazine, I came across an article entitled “Kids Fight For Paddling”. It was their controversy article, well that is no joke.

Here is a little recap of the article:
– In 2011 the Catholic Church no longer condones corporal punishment.
– After the last US Catholic School (St. Augustine High School) to use corporal punishment is forced to stop, most of the 650 students say they want paddling reinstated.
– Get this, corporal punishment is outlawed in public schools in only 31 states.

Okay so the students say they want it back because as one kid put it, “It made me a better person.”. The magazine’s experts stated that “It’s modeling violence” and “I do not feel teachers should be spanking kids”.

My thoughts:
I think that if the students themselves say they want it back, then let them have it. If it is helping the students and they see a change in themselves because of it then fine. But I also believe that this sort of discipline should be done at home by the parents. Parents should not rely on teachers to discipline their children. I, myself, would never allow someone else to touch my child much less paddle her. When I grew up, I went to Catholic elementary school but corporal punishment was not allowed. I do not feel that it is necessary in the classroom but obviously these children have come to accept it as normal and feel they need it to be good.

What are your thoughts?

4 comments to Kids Fight For Paddling?

  • stacey

    I was shocked when I moved from a state where it is legal to one where it is not. No, I would never let anyone beat my children.

  • Stacey

    Before I was a mom I was a teacher in KS. It was NOT legal there. Hi, fellow Texan. Yes, it is legal here. My oldest started kindergarten the year we moved here and I was shocked to see it in the handbook. I asked some of my fellow teachers… Sure enough it is. Scary if you ask me.

    • The Steady Hand

      Hi! Oh wow, legal here huh? Well even though it is in the handbook, I don’t think the teachers would still practice it at least I hope not. Hmmm, something to look into.

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