KinderCare Spring Camp

No compensation was received for this post. I will be receiving a free week of camp from KinderCare through MomSelect.

This Spring KinderCare is launching their Spring Camp where they are discovering the Secret Science of Dirt! Spring Camp will run the same time your local schools are on Spring Break.

Spring Camp will last for 5 days and will include fun activities all about Nature and Spring. They offer different curriculum for Preschool and School-Age children. If your child is already enrolled at KinderCare, Spring Camp is included in your tuition. Here are some examples of the great crafts and activities Spring Camp has to offer:

Spring Camp Dirt Trivia – A series of questions about dirt and everything in it that will challenge young minds to explore and learn new information!

Spring Camp Indoor Lawn – A great activity to learn about what seeds need to grow. Your child can plant their seeds and watch them grow (without dirt!).

Spring Camp Leaf Chromatography – An easy and fun craft for any school-age kids. It all begins with a leaf hunt and ends with some very colorful findings!

Spring Camp Sun Stick – Even the little ones can help with this one! A fun way to tell time and also learn about the Sun and Earth’s rotation around it.

After the week of learning is over, Spring Camp will end with KinderCare’s Dig It! Science Fair.

If Spring Break has already passed you by, don’t fret! Be sure to check out what’s in store at KinderCare for their Summer Camps. They are offering 12 different themed camps which will run when your local schools are out for summer break.


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