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Thank you to Leazy for sending me 2 pairs of their No Tie Shoe Laces. These shoelaces are also available on Amazon.

I only have 2 pairs of shoes. One pair is for everyday wear and the other is strictly for using on the treadmill. Both pairs have laces. I have tried other No Tie Shoe Laces and they work but my shoes are not as snug as I would like them to be. I like my treadmill shoes to be quite snug so that the shoe moves with my foot and I don’t feel my feet slipping out of the shoe. For my treadmill shoes I have stuck with regular laces because I have not found a pair of no tie shoe laces that were tight enough for me.


Leazy shoe laces are different from other no tie shoe laces because they look like regular laces. What sets them apart is that they are stretchy like elastic. You put them on like regular laces but you do not have to tie or knot them.


The end piece folds flat after you lace them on and keeps the laces secure. They come in 4 different sizes based on the number of eyelets per side of your shoes. Both pairs of my shoes have 5 eyelets on each side. The pink pair (my treadmill shoes) have a Medium Leazy and the Gray Pair (my walking shoes) have a Large Leazy. The pink pair is snug and the gray pair is a little looser which is exactly what I wanted. I can slip my feet in and out of my walking shoes.


My treadmill shoes need to be pulled on and conform to my feet.


You can see in the pictures how the Leazy laces are not tight when I am not wearing the shoes. Once I put them on though you can see the tension in the laces. They are slightly stretched out. The Leazy laces look pretty awesome on my shoes. My shoes are comfortable yet snug with the Leazy laces. I have to say that I really like them. They are pretty affordable too.

Thanks Leazy!

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