Lesson 2 – Break New Ground #EtsyHolidayBootCamp

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Last week we wrote up our goals for this holiday season. This week we are using our goal and the downloadable Holiday Planning Calendar to stick to work on our goals.

Since last week I have accomplished the following items in The Steady Hand Etsy Shop:

– I added my Holiday Shipping Schedule to my shop announcement so that potential buyers know when to order by to receive their items before the holidays.

– I looked at all my items that have been favorited within the last 30 days. If any of my items have not been favorited within the last 30 days I went revised the listing by updating the description and rotating the pictures.

– I have set aside all the items that are expired and need better pictures. Once we move and get settled in I will take pictures for these items and relist them.

– I won’t be releasing any new crochet patterns until after we move but I have come up with 3 new designs. I am working on getting the designs on paper and making some different examples for pictures.

To keep us on track Etsy has provided us with the following tips:

1. Team Up – at this time I don’t have the time to work as a team with someone. It wouldn’t be fair but maybe after we move I can find someone locally or online that still needs a partner.

2. Break It Down – I have an idea of what my milestones are to accomplish my goals.

3. Make Reminders – This is easy for me as I love to make lists and track everything. Not only do I use excel spreadsheets to track everything else to do with my shop, I use Google Calendar to keep track of my milestones and of course my blog.

Let me know how you are doing with your goals and milestones!

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