Lesson 3: Spruce Up Your Shop #EtsyHolidayBootCamp

If you missed it…read my post for Lesson 2.


Lesson 3 is all about preparing your shop for the Holidays. Giving it a little touch-up to make your customers get the festive vibe!

The 4 areas that were specifically mentioned in the email are:

1. Shop Announcement: What information is your Shop Announcement broadcasting? Update it for the holidays to highlight your shipping timeline, custom order information and any holiday specials you may be offering. Make it clear what personalized gifts you offer for the holidays, if you’ll include a note with gift orders, holiday shipping options and what the cut-off dates are for placing an order.

I updated the shop announcement of The Steady Hand to let my customers know what the order-by-date is to receive their items in time for the holidays. I am currently not accepting custom orders so I don’t need to worry about that. As far as Holiday Specials I haven’t decided whether I will be running any. If I do decide to run a special I will probably just post it on my Facebook page.

2. Banner and Avatar: Update your shop’s graphics with seasonal flair. Consider adding some festive graphics, colors or styling that connote the season. Or, if you have a motif you are using elsewhere in your shop, like for a seasonal product or for your holiday gift wrap, repeat it in your banner too to tie things together.

I am going to ask my husband if he can redo my banner and logo and make it a little more festive for me. I am not great at that sort of thing so I need some help.

3. Profile: Make sure your location is accurate. This helps your shop and listings appear in local searches and can help you reach last-minute shoppers in your region. Go to Your Account > Profile. Begin typing your town or city name into the City field. Choose your location from the list of suggestions.

As of right now my profile is correct. I will not be shutting down my shop when we move since some of my items are digital those will stay listed. The physical items will be removed. After we move I will update my profile to show the correct location. (Note to self: make sure to change the sales tax!)

4. Shop Policies: Now is a good time to polish up your ground rules, and provide concise, fair descriptions of what buyers should expect when purchasing from your shop. You can edit your Shop Policies page by going to Your Shop > Info & Appearance > Policies. Make tweaks to your payment, shipping and refund information to be informative, positive and clear — and shed light on your business’ special sauce.

I also need to update the Payment section of my policies after I move. My Shop Policies are pretty standard and don’t change or vary depending on the season. I think they are very clear.

Okay so let me know what edits or changes you have made to your Etsy shop!

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