Lesson 4: Refresh Your Brand #EtsyHolidayBootCamp

If you missed it, read my post for Lesson 3.


Lesson 4 is about refreshing your photos and brand for the holidays. The email newsletter covers 3 different topics:

1. Styling: Does your product make a great gift, decoration or holiday party favor? Thoughtfully arrange your photos to create a mood and context that conveys this use and best qualities. The product should take center stage, while a subtle background, relevant props and a cohesive color palette set the stage. For example, if you’re selling gift tags, photograph them attached to a nicely wrapped gift box with holiday motifs.

2. Packaging: Tis the season for gift-ready purchases. For gift items, your packaging is part of the product and will help you stand out. Also, the option to buy gift wrap in your shop can make a gift buyer’s decision even easier. Include a winning photo of packaging or gift wrap in the item listing, and highlight this offering in the description.

3. Stocking: Remember, the more items you have listed, the more chances shoppers have to find your shop. Wrap tips from Holiday Boot Camp into each listing to build a strong presence.

I plan on taking new photos of my items using natural light. I am not sure if I will be able to get them taken and uploaded to the listings in time because of our move but I will try. Right now I only have my crochet patterns listed for Sale but they need new pictures as well. My crochet items are not holiday related but they are perfect for colder weather so I hope to tie that into my listings. I am thinking of using a fake snowman as a photo prop. I think it would be cute to display my crochet cowls and scarfs. Now I just need to find a 4-foot tall snowman!

I like the idea of taking a photo of my packaging but because my finished items come in all sorts of shapes and sizes I think I will skip that. I will utilize all 5 photo slots for pictures of the actual items. Once we move into the new house and get settled in I plan on reactivating all of my old listings as well as adding all the stock I currently have. It should put me over 150 listings which I think is a good number to be at.

Are you keeping up with the Holiday Boot Camp? What are you working on right now?

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