Lesson 5: Unlock Keywords #EtsyHolidayBootCamp

Check out Lesson 4 if you missed it!


Lesson 5 is about using your product descriptions to your advantage. During the holidays is when Etsy receives most of its traffic. Buyers are searching for the items they want. This is the time that you want to make sure your title, tags, descriptions and keywords are highlighting your products.

Make sure you download the Unlock Keywords worksheet in the email!

Brainstorm a list of specific words that a shopper might use to find your products on Etsy. Incorporate the best keywords you generate into your listings in these places:

1. Titles: Compose concise, descriptive titles that lead with the most pertinent information. Depending on the length, titles may get cut off in search engines, Etsy search and on mobile devices.

2. Descriptions: You’ve poured your spirit into building your shop, so let that personality and perspective shine through your words. Write in your own first-person voice as you tell the story of your items. Strive to keep item descriptions succinct and prioritize the most crucial information. Make it easy to find facts and details, and use lists to highlight key elements. If you offer custom versions of an item, make note of that too.

3. Tags: Each listing can have 13 tags – make them count! Tags should be specific, descriptive, relevant and accurate. A single tag may be a short descriptive phrase (such as “silver earrings” or “messenger bag”).

Wow! That is a lot of info to deal with and a lot of work to do. I think I will start working on my crochet pattern listings first since those are the only ones that are active at the moment. After we move I will re-activate the rest of my product listings and probably go through each one to update all the information and to make sure that I am using all my tags.

What are some ways that you find keywords to use for your products? Are your product descriptions long or short and to the point? Mine are pretty straight-forward with just the information you need. I may need to be a little more descriptive!

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