Lesson 6: Marketing to Bring on the Buyers #EtsyHolidayBootCamp

Check out Lesson 5 if you missed it!


Lesson 6 is about getting the word out to your customers this Holiday Season. There are many ways to do this via your blog, website, advertising or using social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. In Etsy’s email they focused on using Facebook.

I use my blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon and a bit of Instagram to bring traffic to my Etsy Shop. When I look at my stats the top 5 traffic sources for my shop are as follows: Etsy, Direct Traffic, Pinterest, this blog and Facebook. It is great that most of my traffic is from Etsy and that is all due to their search which means that I am using my tags and keywords correctly!

Some tips that Etsy mentions in Lesson 6 is to:

– offer discounts to your fans or followers

– promote other handmade artists to spread the love and hopefully have them promote you in return

– and the last tip is to think like a holiday shopper. Market your items based on what people are looking for. Generally speaking, shoppers are looking for gifts by type, price and recipient — or some combination of all three. Mention these selling points when Pinning, Tweeting or posting on Facebook about your items. Try posting a photo or two from your holiday photo shoot on your social media channels as well.

I probably won’t have a holiday photo shoot although I may keep it in mind when we start decorating. But I will be offering my fans and followers discount codes to my shop which I hope will payoff. What are you doing to grab your customer’s attention?

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