Lesson 8: Spread Holiday Cheer #EtsyHolidayBootCamp

If you missed it check out Lesson 7 here!


Lesson 8 wraps up this years Etsy Holiday Boot Camp! They covered a lot of stuff and now we should all be prepared for the holiday shopping season, right? lol

Lesson 8 covers customer service. Be friendly and build up your fan base. Make sure all the descriptions and policies in your shop are clear to avoid any misunderstandings. Respond to questions and concerns quickly. Reward your buyers with coupon codes on their next purchase. The next best thing to getting a sale is getting a repeat customer!

Etsy even includes a handy-dandy coupon code printable that you can use. Print it out, write down your special Thank You coupon code and include it in all of your orders. Be sure to create the code in your shop first!

So how did you all do with the Boot Camp? Did you follow through? I know that I fell behind quite a bit but with our move I had a hard time keeping up. At the moment all I have for sale in my shop are my digital items as I have yet to receive my finished items from my movers so that I can relist them. I hope to get them soon so I can at least make some sales this holiday season.

Good luck to you!

I'd love to hear what you think!

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