Long-time Friends

Do you have a friend/friends that you have known a long, long, long time? How long has it been? When did you first meet? Are you still talking to each other?

My longest friend relationship started in High School in Las Vegas, NV. We were both sophomores at a new school. She was from Utah and I was from Hawaii. Completely different backgrounds and looked nothing alike but for some reason once we met, we just clicked and from then on we were inseparable. She practically lived at my sister’s house with me during the school year since she lived so far away. She became family.
But as girls do, we had our fights and the big one came during Senior year. I don’t think we remember exactly what is was over but we stopped talking to each other at some point before graduation. The next time I talked to her after that, I was living in Fenton, MI and I was married. I found her on classmates.com and sent her a message. She gave me her number and I called her and that was that. We left the past behind us and we have been talking to each other pretty regularly since then. So our relationship has lasted 11 years and is still going strong.
For my birthday this Friday, my husband is flying my best friend out to spend the weekend with us from Las Vegas. She will be coming in Friday and leaving the following Monday. So it really isn’t that long but it is enough. The last time I saw her was 4-5 years ago when I went with Joe to some work thing in Las Vegas. Obviously that was before Abby was born. She has seen pictures of Abby but she is so excited to actually meet her. I just can’t wait!!!

I would love to hear your stories of your long-time friends! I know that mine has been a rock for me when I needed her and that without her things may not be the way they are today…


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