Looking for a new Dining Room Table

Right now we are looking for a new Dining Room Table. This is the table we have currently…

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The table is counter height so the chairs are almost as tall as bar stools. It is a great table but we barely use it and it doesn’t really work when you have a child. It has a leaf in the middle that folds under and stores so the table becomes a rectangle too.

We are now looking for a normal dining table that is the regular height. It has to be wood. I can’t do metal and glass, not with my daughter. I would like it to seat no more than 6. I don’t want one that is a circle either. We kind of want to stick to the same color but it isn’t necessary. I have been looking around and I really like the tables with benches.

I found this one on Walmart’s website. The color isn’t bad. The table looks a little small though, maybe it is just the picture. The price isn’t bad either but it isn’t sold in stores so you would have to tack on shipping. Then you have to think about putting this thing together, ugh! Is there anywhere you can buy furniture where they deliver it to your house already assembled? Wouldn’t that be nice…

Better Homes and Gardens Autumn Lane 6-Piece Dining Set, Black and Oak – $259

This table I found on Overstock.com. I like the leather padding on the seats and bench. The price is okay. The darker wood is also a plus.

Cherry Dining Table – $387.99

So that is all I have found so far. I don’t need one with a bench but I actually haven’t found one with 6 chairs that is reasonably priced. Help me out here! Which of these tables do you like? If you own a table with a bench, is there anything you don’t like about it? If you live in the DFW area and know of some furniture stores, please let me know. We would like to look at some tables this weekend and maybe buy one (if we can find the one we like and if we sell the other table on Craigslist). I know of some furniture places by us but their prices are ridiculous! Or maybe that is how much dining table sets cost now, I don’t know. I do know that I am cheap!

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  • Erin Elise

    We almost bought the one at walmart until I actually got to see it somewhere. It is very very cheap and won’t hold any weight. Looks A LOT better in the pictures. Oh and it is way smaller in person than what you may have pictured in your head. Just letting you know that I’m pretty much 100% sure you won’t be happy with it. I LOVE the idea of the bench…and looked for one when we were looking for tables. We wound up getting the table we have now on craigslist…it was their’s for 40 years….sweetest couple ever and it has a sweet story (c: mainly what the point of this comment was for …don’t get the walmart one…that is all lol

    • The Steady Hand

      LOL. Thanks for the heads up Erin! At least I can cross that one off my list. I have been looking on craigslist. People really need to label their furniture correctly on there!

      • Erin Elise

        oh and our fish tank that is in the bedroom is on craigslist right now…I know while you are at it you wanna buy that too heheheh (c:

        • The Steady Hand

          yeah not happening. I buy that and the next thing you know my husband is going to bring home something small and furry to put in it instead of water and fish. He has been hinting at getting a mouse or something like that for Abby. Nope, not in this house.

  • Cathey

    Based on the first comment I would have to say it’s safe to assume you’re not buying the walmart one! But if you do buy a different one from there, they usually offer free shipping to the store, and you can take it home from there. Or if you’re like me, you can order something, have it shipped to the store, decide you don’t want it, and return it the same day!
    My favorite furniture place in DFW is Ikea! Most of our furniture is from there and everything has been both nice looking and durable.

    • The Steady Hand

      Yes, I will be passing on the first table. Our only issue is we don’t have a vehicle large enough to carry most of those boxes for the furniture. That is why we need stuff delivered if it is large. I love Ikea! I will have to look and see where it is at. When I lived in MI we drove an hour just to get to one, probably the same distance her too. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    Oh, I think both of those are gorgeous! Visiting from the Alexa hop! Thank you for joining up http://www.mooseandtater.com

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