Lovely Day!!!

My Thursday’s seem to be my hump day when my husband is traveling. He always returns late Thursday night. So this is the day that I rush to do everything I had planned to have done when he got home. I put up all the garage sale signs minus one. I went over to Hobby Lobby looking for some yarn for a custom order which they of course did not have. I took Abby to lunch at Chick-Fil-A again, yes that is 3 days in a row. While she was playing called JoAnn’s and as always they have the yarn I need. I love them!
Last minute play date for the afternoon – Duck Pond at Trinity Park. My friend Erin invited me and Abby to go feed the ducks with her and her son. While we were there she took these awesome photos!!! I just had to share:

The last pic is my absolute favorite…I love the way he is looking at Abby. TOO CUTE!!!
Anyway, I have always wanted professional pics done of Abby and our family together but just have never gotten around to it. Erin does this as a hobby but I love her for taking these!

I will get that crochet purse done. I worked on the last side while Abby was sleeping and hope to get it all done and put together by the end of this weekend. I will post pics as soon as I can!
Tomorrow is Aloha Friday! Yay!

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