Make Your Own Fashion Accessories With Basic Crochet Skills


With the onset of cooler weather indicating that fall is on the way, many people are looking forward to sweater and hat weather. As a relatively crafty person with kids, you have the option of making some of your own cold weather accessories and help your kids make their own. Now may be the perfect time to settle into an online tutorial and teach your kids how to crochet.

Your kid’s crochet skills can actually help them look their best this winter season. Your kids will also have the pride that comes from making things for yourself. As a bonus, they can make adorable, low-cost gifts for friends and family with your crochet skills as well.

Craft a cute headband in under an hour

Crocheting helps in a child’s development in an artistic way, and it’s also a great way for them to customize their wardrobe with colorful accessories.One of the fastest and simplest projects you can make together as crochet artists is a headband. There are infinite variations on the simple headband, with different thicknesses, textures from stitches, and even the occasional bow, flower, or twist. There are several different resources available for kids to pick decorative items to add to their headband, such as crocheted flowers. They also get to pick any number of colors, which can mean that a few hours of crocheting will provide your kids with a winter’s worth of colorful and cute headbands.

Why buy a hat when you can make one?

Hat shopping in the store is often disappointing. You have to choose from only a few options, and your favorite styles or colors may not be trendy right now. Thankfully, if your kids make their own hats, you don’t have to worry about what’s trendy this season. Basic crochet skills can yield anything from a cute cloche to a warm toque. Your kids also have the option of selecting what kind of fiber you want to use (synthetic blends are washable and durable). You can also pick the exact color that your child loves. Whether they want a rainbow variegated hat or a muted neutral tone, it’s possible to custom make a hat that will complement your kid’s style.

As their crochet skills expand, your kids will have the option of making many more items. Anything from handbags, blankets, cowls, and shawls to small plush toys and even rugs are possible. Once your kids learn the basic stitches, their creativity is the only limit to what they can make.

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