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I told a close friend of mine what was going on with Abby as far as the Hyperlexia and her maybe having high-functioning autism. Well little did I know that she used to work with autistic children before she quit her job to be a SAHM. I discussed my thoughts with her as well as what Abby’s Speech Therapist had said. She then explained a couple things to me as well as what she has noticed in Abby. Overall, she doesn’t think Abby has any sort of autism but just some social problems…who doesn’t?

Anway, that conversation took place about a month ago and a lot has happened since then. Abby has started talking more within the last 3 weeks than I think she has since she turned 2 years old. Requesting things, asking us questions, picking up words left and right. So I have stopped all therapy through ECI. I truly don’t feel that she needs it anymore. Whatever I was worried about…I just don’t see it in her anymore. I know that she still does have some social issues and we will work on that but other than that…she is just Abby.

My friend did print me out some articles about Autism that were pretty interesting that I wanted to share.

New Study Vitamin A & Autism: “Toxin in DPT Vaccine [may] Cause Autism” – This article uses very large words and a lot of medical terminology. Pretty much it states that Vitamin A could help children with Autism. Read the article to read about some of their case studies.

Clinical Use of methyl-B12 in Autism – This article talks about how vitamin B12 injections could also help with autism. It can help with function, speech, language, socialization and emotion.

Methyl-B12 and autism – Why you should be using it to treat your child – This also talks about how B12 injections could help individuals on the autism-spectrum as all people with other issues.

UPDATE 04/29/2018

Additional resources provided by Educator Labs.

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