FREE Crochet Pattern: Multiple Strand Crochet Necklace

I have written up some instructions on how to crochet a Multiple Strand Crochet Necklace. Thank you!

Multiple Strand Crochet Necklace - thesteadyhandblog

Finished Measurements: These instructions will give you a finished necklace of 13” around. If you need to make it smaller or larger, adjust the number of chains to get the size you want.
Difficulty: Easy
Yarn: Crochet Cotton Thread
Hook size: 2.25mm hook
Notions: 1 small button, stitch markers, yarn needle & scissors.

Ch – chain
Sl st – Slip stitch
St – Stitch
Sc – Single crochet
Dc – Double crochet
Dc2tog – Double crochet 2 stitches together (aka DC decrease)

This pattern is inspired by the Easiest Crochet Necklace posted on

1st Strand: Ch 90 (or however many chains needed for your size). SC in 2nd ch from hook and next 4 chs
2nd Strand: Ch 85 (or 5 less than the original amount of chains). SC in the 5th ch from the beginning of the previous strand and in the next 4 chs, ch 1, turn
3rd Strand: SC in first sc and in the next 4 chs, ch 95 (or 5 more than the original amount). SC in the 5th ch from the beginning of the previous strand and in the next 4 chs, ch 1, turn

Continue adding strands, adding 5 more chains to each strand, until you are satisfied with the amount of strands.

Finishing: Complete a strand with 5 sc. Ch 5 (or however many needed for button hole) and sl st on the other side of the same closure piece to make a button hole. Sew a button on the opposite closure piece of the button hole. Sew in loose ends.

The Steady Hand Crochet Patterns by Aprile Mazey •

Please do not share or publish this pattern. Finished items may be sold. I would very much appreciate it if you would credit Aprile Mazey for the pattern design and include a link to All pictures in this PDF are the property of The Steady Hand. Please do not copy or use any of my photos in this document or online. Thanks!

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