My Duckies in a Row!

I crocheted another little Duckie today. They are so cute!!!

These are now available for sale on my website: The Steady Hand. All prices include taxes and shipping.
One Duckie is $3.00. If you want to buy more than 5, please let me know and I will give you special pricing.

Today was very overcast and humid but we were still able to play outside in the backyard. I have been cleaning up my flower beds and Abby has been my little helper. I gave her a little shovel and she loves to play in the dirt. My lawn on the other hand looks horrible since it is still brown and it has green weeds growing throughout.

I finally called TruGreen this morning and after being transferred 4 times and leaving a voice mail, someone finally called me back this afternoon so I could start service. Customer Service with Scott’s lawn care wasn’t much better since I haven’t even heard back from them from leaving them a voice mail this morning. Not sure what is happening to these companies but it frustrates me when I call and can’t get a hold of someone who can help me right away. At least, I am signed up. They are going to start treating my lawn this Friday. Hopefully, in a couple weeks all the weeds will be gone and my backyard won’t look like a jungle!

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